Camp Nelson is bordered by the magnificent Kentucky River Palisades.

Jessamine County is part of Kentucky's famed Bluegrass region.

THE CAMP NELSON CIVIL WAR SITE is located along US 27 in extreme southern Jessamine County, Kentucky about five miles south of Nicholasville. The original camp covered 4,000 acres with some 300 buildings and fortifications. The Union Army turned the rolling pasture land of Jessamine County into an enormous base of operations. All of the buildings, save an officers' quarters, were dismantled and sold following the closure of the base.

This immense complex was sandwiched between the natural defenses of the palisades that rise over 400 feet from the Kentucky River and Hickman Creek to the south, east and west. The northern boundary of Camp Nelson was protected by a line of eight earthen fortifications and breastworks. Another fort, Fort Bramlette was constructed on a hill south of the main complex where it overlooked the Kentucky River and Hickman Creek. Watch could be kept for any enemy force that might attempt to attack the depot from the rear.

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